X-It / Zonked


Format: PC / Amiga

x-it pc dos amiga  x-it pc dos amiga  x-it pc dos amiga
x-it pc dos amiga  x-it pc dos amiga  x-it pc dos amiga

Bill has decided he's going to give up fish and chips - they're bad for his health. The last time he had any, he was kidnapped by aliens and dumped in a deep space junk yard to find his own way home...

But it's okay because you can get him home by solving the aliens' cunning puzzles.

Just push the blocks round the room to fill in the holes that block the exits and he's home free. But, of course it's not that simple. There are slippy blocks, ice blocks, magnetic steel blocks, heavy blocks, light blocks, exploding blocks, glue on the floor, and great pools of water to be dealt with too.

You may never eat fish and chips again - once you're hooked on X-IT! you won't have the time.


Exciting Developer Fact:

This was written when the PC had terrible graphics cards. Instead of drawing the graphics to the screen, I used a double-buffering technique. For every pixel on the screen I compared it with what used to be there and decided whether it had changed or not. If it HAD, I wrote the new value to the screen and updated my buffer. If NOT, I went on to the next pixel. I did this for every single pixel on the screen. Amazingly, this was actually quicker than just updating the whole screen!!!


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